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Are the CDC’s COVID-19 Guidelines Confusing?

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its COVID-19 isolation guidelines again, a change that was largely met with incredulity by many Americans who found it “confusing and nonsensical.”

The CDC now says that if someone in an isolation period wants to take a rapid test after five days, they can. However, the CDC doesn’t advise taking a rapid test. But, if someone does decide to take the test and the results come back positive, they should stay in isolation for 10 days total.

If the test comes back negative, people may leave isolation but should wear a mask around others until day 10.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins noted the CDC’s change in a series of tweets, which quickly garnered attention and criticism.

“The CDC has updated its isolation guidance. They still don’t recommend a rapid test after 5 days, but say if you take one and it’s positive, isolated people should continue isolating for 5 more days. Those who leave isolation are urged not to fly on planes or eat in restaurants,” Collins tweeted.

“The updated guidance advising people to stay isolated until day 10 if they have a positive rapid test after five days in isolation appears to contradict Dr. Walensky’s claim to CNN last week that ‘we wouldn’t change our guidance based on the result of the rapid test,'” Collins added.

Source: Middle America News

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