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Do You Support Actors Receiving Roles Through Nepotism?

Do You Support Actors Receiving Roles Through Nepotism?

Here’s The Scoop

Is Hollywood’s elite basking in the glow of nepotism? Actress Maya Hawke, daughter of Tinseltown luminaries Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, candidly admitted she snagged her role in Tarantino’s 2019 film “Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood” thanks to her famous lineage.

Hawke confessed, “I never meant to imply that I didn’t get the part for nepotistic reasons — I think I totally did.”

She’s not alone. Tarantino’s casting call included other celebrity offspring like Margaret Qualley and Rumer Willis.

Yet, when asked if she deserved the part, Hawke responded, “‘Deserves’ is a complicated word… but I think I’m comfortable with not deserving it and doing it anyway.”

The actress acknowledges that her life is one of privilege, stating, “It’s OK to be made fun of when you’re in rarefied air. It’s a lucky place to be.”

Hawke, now a household name from “Stranger Things,” continues to climb the Hollywood ladder, recently promoting “Wildcat,” directed by her father.

Despite criticism, Ethan Hawke, a four-time Academy Award winner, supports their collaborations, saying, “You have to let people have their opinion. You just have to try to do a good job when you’re onstage.”

Is Hollywood meritocracy a myth when nepotism reigns supreme?

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  1. OldVet

    June 9, 2024 at 12:16 pm

    The hell with hollywierd. Who cares what those losers do. If normal thinking people would STOP going to movies hopefully they would go away. No one cares about them.

    • john e Bonsignore

      June 11, 2024 at 8:25 am

      Old vet.. you are a hard judge but make sense in your comments. Thanks JeB

  2. john e Bonsignore

    June 11, 2024 at 8:22 am

    What difference does it make the actress or actor must proof their acting skill before the camera not their parents’ skirt/pants. Should they fail it is their fault, as the public is the wise judge

  3. Mike Diggs

    June 11, 2024 at 8:41 am

    I got a job supervising construction crews at 15 in the family business BUT I’d learning it since I was 7-8, and the skilled portion (welding, roofing, layout etc) since I was 10. If I didn’t know what I was doing I’d’ve been put back being a laborer. If actors don’t do a good job and whatever they’re in doesn’t make money, they won’t work long no matter who their family is, Pam Anderson got Baywatch and Barbwire cause of her looks, looks can’t make money in a movie so that’s pretty much all she’s done

  4. Ron C

    June 11, 2024 at 10:01 am

    At least nepotism is better than by skin color or gender rather than merit!

  5. Frank

    June 16, 2024 at 7:15 am

    Do you mean like ivanka and jared in trump’s whitehouse?

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