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Is Bail Reform Bad for America?

Here’s the Scoop

More than 60 Chicago felons were arrested again and charged with violent crimes while out on bond this year.

Reports show the charges included murder, attempted murder, and gun violence.

According to CWBChicago, Malik Perteet is the most recent felon to be rearrested while out on bond awaiting trial. In March, prosecutors charged the 22-year-old with felony gun possession after he allegedly exchanged gunfire with someone who shot at him at a gas station. An 11-year-old girl was killed in the crossfire by a bullet from the other gunman’s weapon, prosecutors said.

Records show that Chicago police also wanted to charge Perteet with reckless discharge of a firearm. Instead, he went home under electronic monitoring after posting a $7,500 bond.

However, the electronic monitoring didn’t prove to be much of a deterrent. According to prosecutors, Perteet shot and tried to kill a 17-year-old girl during a marijuana transaction earlier this month.

“He is the 60th person accused of killing, trying to kill, or shooting someone in Chicago this year while awaiting trial for a felony. A total of 92 victims are involved in those crimes,” CWBChicago reported.

Perteet is now being held without bond on charges of aggravated battery by discharging a firearm and first-degree murder.

Source: Middle America News

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