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Is It Smart to Buy a Home Using Retirement Savings?

Is It Smart to Buy a Home Using Retirement Savings?

Here’s The Scoop

Is It Smart to Buy a Home Using Retirement Savings? A shocking 1 in 10 American homeowners say they pulled money from their retirement savings to cover down payments and closing costs associated with buying their house.

Bankrate’s recent survey reveals 9% of homeowners withdrew from their 401(k) or other retirement account to make the purchase, with younger generations most likely to do so.

Sixteen percent of Gen Z respondents (ages 18-27) and 12% of millennials (ages 28-43) reported taking money out of retirement savings to fund their down payment, compared to 7% of Gen Xers (ages 44-59) and 8% of baby boomers (ages 60-78).

But is it a smart financial move? David Ragland, CEO of IRC Wealth and a certified financial planner, does not recommend withdrawing from retirement funds to buy a home.

He cites two major reasons: the saver will lose out on the growth they would have had if they kept the money in the fund over the long term, and the government takes a big chunk of the funds withdrawn from a retirement account.

Between federal and state taxes and a 10% penalty for a withdrawal, a person is looking at paying 40% on every dollar they take out.

“You’re not making a $30,000 decision, you’re making a $1.2 million decision,” Ragland said. “That’s why you don’t do it.”

However, for those who have a retirement fund and do not have other means to come up with a down payment, Ragland offered an alternative option.

He noted that those with a 401(k) are able to take a loan against those funds up to $50,000, allowing people to keep their funds in their retirement account while getting the down payment money they need, and avoiding any taxes or penalties.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Davida Pietrzak

    April 6, 2024 at 7:39 pm

    Yes, in a perfect world u shouldn’t withdraw from a retirement account to buy a home but guess what… with the cost of everything skyrocketing under Biden many couples have no choice?!!!!

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