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Is Harvard Guilty of Rampant Antisemitism?

Is Harvard Guilty of Rampant Antisemitism?

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A group of Jewish Harvard students has filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the storied Ivy League institution, claiming university officials employ a “double standard” whereby they protect other groups from discrimination and harassment — but fail to do so when Jewish students are targeted.

The lawsuit alleges that the university has allowed students and faculty accused of engaging in antisemitic acts to remain on campus. It claims that Harvard “permits students and faculty to advocate, without consequence, the murder of Jews, and the destruction of Israel, the only Jewish country in the world.”


The suit also claims Harvard officials have “been aware of its antisemitism for years, but its response has been, to say the least, clearly unreasonable and totally unacceptable in not just tolerating, but enabling antisemitism.”

Jewish students cite instances in which they were confronted by pro-Palestine demonstrators, left hiding inside buildings as protesters called for a Jewish genocide, and told to conceal their identity by Harvard officials.

The plaintiffs are now calling for the firing of any deans, administrators, professors, and employees who are “responsible for antisemitic discrimination and abuse, whether they engage in it or permit it,” and the suspension or expulsion of any student engaged in antisemitism.

“It is clear that Harvard will not correct its deep-seated antisemitism problem voluntarily,” attorney Marc E. Kasowitz said in a statement. “Harvard must be forced to protect its Jewish students and stop applying a double standard when it comes to anti-Jewish bigotry.”

Wednesday’s suit comes amid a Congressional investigation into reports of antisemitism on campus.

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